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Now we’ve all heard about or seen those cute little holiday cottages friends and family post all over Instagram and Pinterest – cute little cottages surrounded by nature in idyllic locations. Now aside from being picturesque and the perfect types of accommodation to make everyone jealous, what are the other advantages of staying in one? In todays fabulous article we will be delving into what makes holiday cottages so great for your autumn staycation!

  1. Relaxation

When staycationing in a cottage you’re guaranteed to have peace of mind. Most staycation cottages promise the presence of nature and are usually located in small towns and villages surrounded by the beauty of nature. You’ll never have more tranquillity than staying in a holiday cottage, with nature right at your door. What better way to relax and relieve stress is by escaping the city life and increasing your overall health?

Most holiday cottages are even located in national parks for those who want to explore nature reserves, go on hikes and take evening strolls as the sunsets. With shades of rich orange and red leaves, autumn makes for the perfect time to staycation for charming scenery.

  1. Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Holiday cottages make for the perfect dwelling to spend quality time with your family without the commotions of daily life and its hassles. Autumn makes for the perfect time to staycation in a holiday cottage as you can indulge in some fun and engaging activities around miles of breathtaking scenery. Take part in some traditional and festive activities such as:

  • Playing in the leaves (Nothing beats jumping into a huge pile of leaves!)
  • Scenic hikes
  • Have a bonfire with roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate!
  • Autumn scavenger hunts
  • Build an indoor or outdoor fort
  • Explore local farms and orchards (Perfect for apple and pumpkin picking)
  • Cook with the family (Pumpkin pie treats and apple pie offer the perfect recipes)
  • Stay indoors participating in a board game night
  • Have a picnic surrounded by the gorgeous autumn colours
  • Family craft sessions – what better way to challenge your inner creative?
  • Go camping
  • Engage in some outdoor sports before the onset of winter!

Holiday cottages allow you to connect with your family and spend quality time with your loved ones with everyone involved. An autumn staycation in a holiday cottage is the perfect way to arrange for a family reunion, allowing you to reconnect with your children, relatives or spouse.

  1. Perfect for Families With The Added Bonus Of Privacy

As mentioned prior, not only do holiday cottages allow you to connect with your relatives and spend more quality time together – but holiday cottages offer the perfect solution for families. This runs especially true for families with young kids, which can pose a challenge in more ways than one, but having your own holiday cottage can ease things up proving to be less hassle.

Having a whole holiday cottage to yourself allows you more freedom and flexibility. Being able to cook your own meals offers a huge advantage – not only does it work out to be cheaper, but it also allows you to cater to your children’s needs and tastes (even for those who have fussy eaters!).

Holiday cottages allow those with older kids to have their own space away from the whole family, where they can relax and engage when they want and most holiday cottages offer enough space for everyone to have their own little sanctuary.

  1. Home comforts

It’s the little things that make a holiday cottage really feel like home in comparison to a hotel. The little simple thing such as having your own dining table to sit down and eat as a family, or being able to lounge in the living room in a robe, are all the small things that add comfort, making a holiday cottage feel like your new home. The little home comforts and luxuries are what really set the mood for the rest of the staycation and allow you to feel at home, safe and secure a million miles away from home!

  1. Price

Family holidays can add up to a pricey expense, especially with more family members added onto the list. We all know that price is one of the most important factors which dictate what type of holiday people can afford and the type of accommodation which would fit their budget.

Many people often assume that hotels work out to be cheaper than holiday cottages, but this isn’t necessarily the case – especially in the case of longer stays. On the contrary, holiday cottages work out to be cheaper than hotels and offer more space and value for your money.

Choosing a holiday cottage as your staycation dwelling is one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize your budgets’ value – being able to have free reign of a kitchen, living room, dining room and multiple bedrooms allows you to have more comfort and flexibility over the course of your staycation making a holiday cottage perfect.

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