If you’re stuck indoors, have watched what seems like every single Netflix show and are looking for creative ways to keep everyone entertained, then take a look at our indoor activity guide.

From making food to discovering talents, we’re recommending all kinds of fun activities, keeping screen time to a minimum and encouraging imagination and interaction instead.

Host a talent show

After a long drive, nothing says “welcome to your holiday home” like a guest pack filled with essentials a

They say that everyone has a hidden talent, and while there are probably better ways to discover them, being forced to do a turn in front of your loved ones is probably the most fun – at least for the audience.

So embrace your ability to tell a joke or a story, to dance, juggle and sing – you might even uncover a hidden talent in the process. And if you really don’t want to perform then any talent show needs a good judge.

Try a treasure hunt

A great way to see explore your home in a new light. Think of a theme for your treasure hunt and create a puzzle based around an item in each room. One clue leads to the next and, eventually, the reveal of the grand prize.

Treasure hunts are more about the fun of discovery, so the prize at the end could just be the idea for the next activity. And once you’ve finished one, let someone else create another.

Bring out the board games

Few activities pass the time better than a family board game, and many modern board games also offer a theme for every occasion. Run the best restaurant, build the biggest town, learn a new language, save the world or become its greatest detective, all from the comfort of your living room.

You can also enjoy co-operative play, which greatly reduces the risk of family arguments over who gets to buy Trafalgar Square in Monopoly.

Break out the books

Having the time to commit yourself to a good book is often a rare thing, so make the most of the hours by diving into a holiday read. Most holiday homes boast a decent array of reads if you run out of your own books, and it’s often one of the best ways to discover new genres and writers.

We’ve created an interactive map of the best literary locations. So you can read the adventures of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and more, then plan an exploration of their real-world inspiration.

Make a movie

With smartphones offer really high-quality cameras and video editing tools, it’s never been easier to summon your inner Spielberg and create your own film. Write a script, create props, learn your lines then let the filming begin.

Get even more creative by picking a genre at random. Will you make a sci-fi classic, a wonderful western, a classic comedy or award-winning drama?

Bake off

This is where your holiday cottage kitchen will really come into its own. You only need a few basic ingredients to make a cake, but making one that melts in the mouth is another matter entirely.

Will you attempt a classic sponge or be the bravest baker with the most exotic ingredients? There are all kinds of options for the best bakes. And even if everyone doesn’t join in, you should have no shortage of volunteers for tasting time.

Plan your own film festival

After a day of activities, you’ve earned some time on the sofa. With streaming services offering thousands of films at your fingertips, there’s no better opportunity to create your own film festival.

Choose a theme and let everyone pick a movie. You can even get into the spirit by dressing up and making a grand entrance on your very own red carpet.

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