Plentiful bookings, happy guests and a healthy profit; they’re what every holiday home owner dreams of and you can achieve all three.

Even the most successful holiday home will experience quieter periods. However, it’s during these times you should evaluate your property to see if there are any simple improvements you can make to increase your future bookings.

To begin with, review the feedback from your previous guests. Their comments will help you to understand exactly what holidaymakers staying in your property are looking for and highlight any issues.

Reading negative comments may feel discouraging, but remember that if your past guests have noticed something, then your future guests will too, and it’s best to be proactive even if it’s about an issue that you feel is very minor.

By acting on their feedback, you demonstrate that you take guest satisfaction seriously which can help boost your reviews and bookings.

Once your previous guests’ comments have been remedied, it’s time to look to the future! Consider making some simple improvements that we know guests always love. Here are our top 5 holiday home improvements:

Provide A Memorable Arrival

After a long drive, nothing says “welcome to your holiday home” like a guest pack filled with essentials and local goodies. Eggs, milk, coffee, bread and a chilled bottle of wine are particularly appreciated.

It does add a small extra cost to each booking, but by making a great first impression you’re more likely to have happy guests and receive better feedback.

Add Extra Luxury

Today’s holidaymakers are more discerning, so investing in high-quality fixtures and fittings will certainly boost your property’s appeal. But to truly stand out, it might be worth investing in a unique selling point like a hot tub.

They’re among the most searched-for features on cottages.com and properties with them usually attract more bookings.

Stay Modern

Many guests expect their holiday property to feel just like home, with modern decor and essential conveniences like a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and Wi-Fi.

When the weather turns, a DVD/Blu-ray player and games console will help to keep them entertained, while an espresso machine, juicer and slow cooker are popular extras in the kitchen.

Be Pet-Friendly

Almost a quarter of British adults own a dog and research by Mintel shows that 58% of them base their choice of holiday around their pet.

We find that holiday homes that accept pets sell on average 2.5 more booking weeks over those that don’t, so by making your property pet-friendly you could significantly boost your income.

Remember the Basics

The biggest challenge you’ll face will be maintaining the standards you’ve already set for your property.

Cleanliness is the most important thing for many guests, so plan to clean your holiday home thoroughly after each stay. If you clean your property immediately after each departure, it’ll also be ready for any last minute bookings you receive.

Make time for regular maintenance checks too, so you can change light bulbs, inspect the quality of the mattresses and linen, repair dripping taps, replace missing or broken crockery, test the BBQ and clean the garden.

It may seem obvious, but maintaining standards and staying on top of general wear and tear is the best way to keep your guests happy, generate positive feedback and ensure the long-term appeal of your holiday home.

These are just some of the ways that you can boost the bookings and income of your holiday home, if you’d like more detailed advice then get in touch! We have local experts throughout the UK who can provide specialist, tailored support for you and your property.

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