The seaside has always remained a highly popular choice from Brits across the summer period for over 100s of years, which is why there is no sign of this trend dying anytime soon. It’s no surprise that it remains a popular choice for people looking to escape the hectic city life and trade it in for a couple days of relaxation under the sun and on the sandy beaches.

But that’s not all that should be experienced on a seaside getaway! Here’s a list of 10 fabulous things to do on a seaside holiday to make the most of your vacation days and to spend more quality time with the whole family.

1. Swimming & Water Sports

It goes without saying that swimming in the ocean would be first on the list, but there’s no reason why you can’t ramp it up by participating in all sorts of water sports and activities! The sea provides an excellent bonding session for the whole family, whether your preference is to fully submerge yourself and swim far out, or to stay in the shallow areas – the sea provides a host of opportunities and options for the whole family.

The UK boasts such a great place for water sporting activities that it’s worth a google search to check what might be available depending on where you choose to staycation. Many companies organise lessons or rental gear for activities such as; surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP), windsurfing and more!

2. Explore Sea-life With Rockpooling

The littles ones love discovering new creatures alongside the seashore and seeing them interact in their natural habitat. This family-filled activity features a range of creatures to be inspected such as; shrimps, crabs, mussels, sea snails and all kinds of little fish.

Spending mornings or afternoons with the family whilst exploring rock pools will keep the children preoccupied and content for hours on end! It also serves as a pleasant memory for them to reflect back on and will hopefully be a tradition they pass on for generations down the line!

Alongside being an enjoyable and leisurely activity, it’s also cheap, which will fit in to any kind of budget. All that’s required is a bucket and net – 2 things that can easily be found at any shop on the seafront for under £5.

Why not go on a search for the best looking seashells whilst you’re at it? It’s a fun way to bring back your own personal souvenirs filled with some fabulous memories! As a caution – it’s recommended that you bring shoes with a firm grip to avoid any unwanted accidents due to the slippery rocks plastered with seaweed.

3. Beach Sports & Games

Beach sports and games offer the perfect solution to get the whole family active and moving whilst having a blast! Beach games are great due to the vast area of space to run around freely whilst participating in family-fun competition that acts as a great team building and bonding experience.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Frisbee
  • Rounders
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Kite Flying
  • Tug of war
  • Beach treasure hunts
  • Sand Drawing

The great thing about beach games are that they can keep everyone entertained for hours. Not to mention the added bonus of making sure everyone gets a full night’s sleep after an exhausting day of play at the beach!

4. Have a picnic

Beaches are great for gatherings of all kinds, no matter if you’re travelling in a big or small group – picnics are always a favourable option. Although beaches have plenty of food stalls and vendors on the seafront, it’s sometimes nice to pack a picnic to enjoy as a group or a family. Fresh fruits such as watermelon and grapes alongside fancy cheese (maybe even some wine!) offer a staple to any picnic. Why not throw in a portable BBQ and cook up some burgers?!

The amazing thing about picnics are that they accommodate to all kinds of budgets and groups, allowing you full flexibility and control of your spending!

5. Delve into some delicious traditional seaside food

On the contrary, you can’t go to the seaside without trying some traditional seaside food! What better way to indulge and complete a day on the beach with an ice cream? With the large variety of flavours to choose from, there’s something everyone will find to their liking! A more filling option is to buy some traditional seafront fish and chips for the family to eat whilst watching the sunset.

6. Go Exploring

There’s a plethora of beaches which offer different trails which allow you to hike and channel your inner-explorer. Hiking offers a great alternative to adding some extra exercise alongside breathtaking views whilst being immersed in nature. On top of that, you’ll also have a body worth of sea to cool down In afterwards!

One of luxury staycation sites ‘The Sandcastle,’ located in the spectacular Pembrokeshire, is the most popular for that exact reason. It offers more than 50 sandy beaches to venture off into and has a wide array of trails along the beautiful costal national park – Not to mention the close proximity to picturesque towns inclusive of Tenby, Fishguard and Haverfordwest!

7. Build a sandcastle

Why not get creative with the family and enjoy a couple hours of building sandcastles? From elaborate sandcastles to smaller classic designs, there’s a range of different fun-filled designs which you can gain inspiration from by googling.

You can try spicing it up by adding some fun competition with a sandcastle competition. Grab yourself a bucket and spade and get stuck in. Bonus points for those who build a moat and bring their sandcastle to life!

For some extra photographic memories, why not let your kids bury you in the sand? Just be mindful of any crabs biting at your toes!

8. Visit the pier

Food, attractions and rides – What better way to explore the town than by heading to the pier? A large majority of the UK’s top seaside towns encompass a wide range of activities and facilities to be experienced, with many featuring fun fairs and arcades during the summer periods.

There’s plenty to do to keep the whole family occupied on the pier, with the added bonus of being able to end the evening by taking a picturesque wander up and down the promenade admiring the views.

9. Sail out a message Or Bury One In The Sand

Something quite unique to do is to write a message in a glass bottle and send it out to sea, or even better – bury it in the sand for the next person treasure hunting to discover! This will be an interesting way to allow everyone to contribute and have fun.

Whether you decide to write a journal entry summarising what fun activities you engaged with over the course of your seaside holiday, or whether you decide to get creative by making a map for a treasure hunt and leaving some goodies behind, or even if you decide to leave a simple note of wisdom – there is a world of opportunities to be explored!

Why not leave a piece of you at the beach when you depart?

10.Have a bonfire party

On a final note, what better way to end your holiday than with a bang? Bonfire parties offer the perfect way to gather everyone in a final celebration. Grab your friends, family and blast some music whilst engaging in dance, deep conversations, roasted marshmallows and even set off some fireworks!

Bonfires prove to be a sure way to have fun and end your holiday on a high-note, but it’s important to check that the specific beach allows for fires, as you don’t want to get any unwanted fines! These things can be checked with a simple search on the web, or should be stated somewhere along the beach within the main signs.

At the end of the day, the beach will always be fun

Regardless of what activities you decide to engage in, the beach will always be a fun place to relax and let loose from the daily commotions of life. You’re escaping the hectic daily routine of life and are surrounded by family and friends for the most part, whilst enjoying some breathtaking views – and hopefully good weather! No matter what, you’re bound to have a lovely time!

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